Saturday, 22 January 2011

Kenny Dalglish reminds Liverpool who and what they are

I'm not usually a fan of the Guardian's football coverage, or the paper itself, but this guy gets it about right.

"With confidence slipping, Dalglish saw the need to bring the team's under-achievers back up to the required standards, and used encouragement, his own charisma and a more positive tactical outlook to restore faith in and around the first-team squad."

Straight out of the Shankly School of Management then. Is right. 

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Monday, 6 December 2010

England not winning the Great Game and all that

The reaction to Russia scooping the 2018 World Cup ahead of England is irritating in the extreme.

First, the blaming of the BBC and the Sunday Times for providing evidence of Fifa corruption begs the question of what would one rather have - a free press or a football tournament? I mean I'd rather live in a country where football wasn't 'coming home' (itself a phrase that smacks of self aggrandisement) than one in which journalists were routinely roughed up and occasionally murdered. Get some fucking perspective please. 

Second, in all the talk of rampant cronyism at Fifa, not once have I seen it noted that our own FA is as much of an old boys' club as any institution in a country full of them.

Third, Fifa is a political and economic project. Why therefore would Fifa stage a World Cup in England, where football is near saturation level when one could exploit the growth opportunities that Russia has to offer? That so many thought we had a chance in spite of this hints at the attitude that we, as 'the birthplace of football', had some sort of divine right to host the tournament.

That is all.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Hope this kid stays in the picture...

This video of academy talent Raheem Sterling is worth a watch. He looks an ace player. Potential to become our best winger since Barnes.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Not bad for a Manc

Speech from hedgie Paul Marshall on why fans should back share ownership...

Saturday, 11 September 2010

RBS and the Liverpool loan

A lot has been written about RBS moving Liverpool's debt to a restructuring team, which has been interpreted as being as good as saying that the loan agreement won't be extended on 6 October. Let's hope so.

This from Bloomberg is encouraging as it would suggest that Hicks's and Gillett's efforts to secure £800m won't pass muster, which would, one hopes, rekindle the interest shown by the likes of Kenny Huang in the club:

"Prospective buyers were told they would have to pay off RBS debts in full, finance a new stadium and improve the squad. The people said RBS would now accept a down payment of between 100 million pounds and 150 million pounds with an agreement to pay the remainder of the loan down over a longer term.

Groups from India and Hong Kong linked with Liverpool have released statements saying they are no longer interested in bidding. Yahya Kirdi, a Canada-based Syrian investor, claims to represent a group interested in acquiring the team.

If you were a prospective buyer, I would call RBS and say I’m interested in buying your loan,' Schechter said. 'I would notify Gillett and Hicks that I’m the new lender and there will be no extensions, renewal or modifications of the loan: It is due and payable in full on Oct. 6. What that does is stop the game.'"

Fun and games from the Grauniad

Exhibit 1: In which Guardian football journalist Barney Ronay argues that the reason Frank Lampard is so hated is because he is middle class:

Sample quote: "I have my own theory as to why Lampard has attracted this kind of treatment, right from the swell of inarticulate outrage that surrounded him as teenager at West Ham United. Ancient fault-lines are in play, a scabrous irritation that seems likely to become more prominent as football continues its generational making over and primping up. Lampard, you see, is middle class. Or at least, he is perceived dimly to be middle class: and middle classness is the game's last great taboo, a social grouping that in football circles is employed as a term of unambiguous abuse, as though being middle class is in itself evidence of loyalty-shortfall and backbone-absence and fundamental personality-castration; rather than simply indicating a middling education, an urge to say 'thanks cheers' at least four times during any basic retail transaction and the likelihood at least one of your parents is a genial history teacher."

Exhibit 2: In which Guardian football journalist Marina Hyde tells us why we should all hate Frank Lampard based on his autobiography:

Sample quote: "Consider Lampard's reflections after a fortnight spent on Roman Abramovich's yacht. 'I suppose people imagine that as a Premiership footballer, my life is quite special,' he hazards. 'I would agree, but those two weeks opened my eyes to another world.' Ah, a millionaire yearning to be a billionaire ... is there anything more charmless?"